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Latest PSPS News:

Minutes from the PSPS Annual Meeting:

Annual Meeting held April 16, 2016 at The Plymouth Show

PSPS President Fred Levantrosser called the meeting to order at 1:02 pm. The President thanked all for attendance and thanked West Suburban Stamp Club for arranging the meeting area. As is customary at the Annual Meeting, all in attendance introduced themselves. A sign-in sheet for attendance was passed around.


Secretary’s Report: The Secretary, Ed Fisher, asked if there were any corrections or revisions of the Minutes from the 2015 Annual Meeting, which was published in The Peninsular Philatelist.  No corrections or revisions having been made, the Minutes from 2015 were approved. Also mentioned was the PSPS website. All members are requested to contact the Secretary with any suggestions, corrections or additions to the website. The web address is If you would like access to and a listing in the Members Roster page, please notify the Secretary.


Treasurer’s Report: The Treasurer, Jerry Jarnick, reported that income from dues and contributions is a bit behind society expenses which are primarily for printing and the website. Mr. Jarnick is confident that the situation is manageable. Donations cover most of the deficit. There was a motion to approve the Treasurer’s Report, which was carried with no further discussion.


President’s Report: Fred Levantrosser reported on the feedback from the APS Show in Grand Rapids last August. By any measure the show was a success for the PSPS. We gained nine new members, put on a very well done seminar on Michigan Postal History and had a lot of traffic at our booth.  Mr. Levantrosser also mentioned that the society has had a table at both the Ann Arbor and Plymouth Shows to increase our presence and awareness among Michigan collectors.


Editor’s Report: The Editor of The Peninsular Philatelist, Charles Wood said that, as always, he is looking for articles for the PP. Members commented very favorably on the PP and applauded the fine work of the Editor.


Awards: The Bill Allen award for the best article in The Peninsular Philatelist in the last year was awarded to Steve Berlin for “A Few More Michigan Mail Robberies.” A panel consisting of all PSPS Vice Presidents determines the Bill Allen award winner. Harry Winter announced the winner. The PSPS award for the best exhibit in the Plymouth Show by a PSPS member was awarded to Harold M. Sollenberger. His exhibit was entitled “Philatelic “Gifts” to Members of the 1897 Fifth Congress of the Universal Postal Union.”


Election of Officers and Trustees: Mr. Levantrosser reminded the members that we are on a two year cycle for election of officers and trustees, so 2017 will be an election year. Prior to next year’s annual meeting, a nominating committee will prepare the ballot for the election.


Old Business: Ernie Scott reminded members of the availability of much information on Michigan postal history on his website. Mr. Scott also suggested that consideration be given to how his important work could be continued should he become incapacitated or deceased.


New Business:


Craig Whitford reported that there would be another mail sale of more of Jim Hayes material in October. Mr. Whitford is also working on a new Membership Application for the PSPS.


Debbie Hartwick informed the group that the PSPS had been asked to underwrite the cost some new signs for the Ann Arbor Stamp Club. The cost was $100.00. All agreed that this was a worthwhile expense in light of the long-standing hospitality shown the PSPS by the Ann Arbor Stamp Club and their show committee.


Scott English, the new Executive Director of the APS, then addressed the meeting. He covered four main points of emphasis for the APS.


1.Sustainability: He reported that the APS is financially stable and that their plans call for the retirement of all debt in ten years.


2. Education: Plans are being developed that will create programs for youth and adults in keeping with their different needs and characteristics.


3. Accessibility: Much attention will be given to making sure that the resources of the APS are made available as much as possible to the membership. The watchword will be “We collect, we connect.”


4. Membership: Mr. English reported that the APS has found that while there are seventeen thousand members of stamp clubs in the U.S., only seven thousand are members of the APS. They see an opportunity to generate some new memberships by closing that gap. Toward that end and to make membership more attractive, the APS is working with Amos Press to put in place some discounts for APS members. Similarly, a partnership with the USPS Credit Union is in the works that would provide tangible benefits to APS members.


Mr. English took some questions and was very well received by PSPS members in attendance.


There being no other business, the business meeting was adjourned at 3:00.


Respectfully Submitted


Ed Fisher, Secretary

PSPS Presentation at the 2015 APS Show in Grand Rapids:

We have been able to successfully upload our presentation to YouTube.  Here is the link: PSPS Grand Rapids Presentation

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