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We are always looking for stamp and cover collectors interested in joining the PSPS.

Who Can Join?

We invite anybody interested in philately, especially Michigan Postal History, to join the P.S.P.S. Most active stamp clubs in Michigan are members and we promote their shows in The Peninsular Philatelist.

Benefits of Joining

There are several benefits to becoming a member of our organization.

First, and most tangible, is the opportunity to receive The Peninsular Philatelist each quarter. Each issue has a minimum of eight pages and sometimes more.

Probably the most rewarding aspect of membership is the great friendships you can make. Our members are nice people and most of them are very knowledgeable about Michigan postal history among many other philatelic subjects. Curious about Michigan RPOs, octagonal cancels, carrier markings or Michigan territorials? PSPS members can help. If you have a question, some PSPS member probably has the answer.

Join us!

How Can You Join?

To join we need a completed application and membership dues for the first year. Dues are $10.00 per year. Applications are gladly accepted at any time throughout the year. New members will receive all four issues of The Peninsular Philatelist for the calendar year, regardless of the date they join.

An application form is below. Please complete and click Submit.

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